Harmony Hall

Harmony Hall offers many different options for healing, education, music and more.  Here we embrace healing through all of our senses and at all levels of our being.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on eight modalities of healing – astrology, acupuncture, massage (Tui Na), meditation, feng shui (acupuncture for your environment), nutrition, herbal medicine and exercise (Qi Gong and Tai Qi). In Harmony Hall we offer many of the other modalities of healing.

Harmony Hall complements the healing of Racine Community Acupuncture through a great variety of practitioners. Here, Angel Lawrie has created her intuitive rhythmic touch and massage techniques and provides a profound level of relaxation and relief from tension, anxiety and stress. Randy Wessel facilitates Bert Hellinger’s experiential healing techniques through Family Constellation Therapy,  Carrie Tucker offers massage and Sherri Wooten uses hypnotherapy to help people uncover old patterns to be explored, release and replaced with new thoughts, love and compassion.
We invite practitioners from around the world to share their knowledge, compassion and wisdom. Most often, Markus Kasunich, Intuitive Healer, teacher & mentor from Los Angeles, CA, offers a Guided Meditation about six times a year, as well as working with Christie Kern for the Energy Healing and Acupuncture evening in RCA.  Marie Zahn offers Rolfing sessions when she’s visiting town as well as many other health practitioners, educators and therapists.  Marybeth Rombach-Nelson offers intuitive card readings and workshops to help people access their inner knowing, and we’re lining up some international speakers for nutritional workshops and shamanic healing

Harmony Hall offers many options for harmonizing body, mind and spirit. In Harmony, there is health.